Deniz ERDOĞAN BARIM 04.06.2014


(Marsilya Ticaret Odası, 4-5 Haziran 2014)

Ms.Christine CABAO-WOEHREL, Chairwomen of MarseillePort

Mr. Hervé BALLADUR, President of Via Marseille-Fos Association,

Representatives of Turkish and French maritime companies,

Members of Press,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to be here with you today and witness this important meeting among the precious representatives of very prestigious companies arriving from Turkey upon the invitation of Via Marseille Fos Association.

First of all, I wish a warm welcome to all our guests.

Marseilles, the second biggest city of France, is a historic harbour city with an increasing immigration level and a dynamic population. As Marseilles, our Consulate General has also a historical importance as a foreign representative in the city. Our Consulate General had run a temporary foreign mission in Nice, starting from the 18th century up to the 19th century and then kept on his permanent consular activities until 1923. By 1925, it had been moved from Nice to Marseilles and today goes on proposing services to our citizens living in the region. A part from consular activities, our Consulate General assures also enforcing economical, social and cultural relations between two countries.

In a region, where global changes play an undeniable role, we follow a dynamic foreign policy in order to improve the development progressively. In this frame, economical and commercial tools carry a great importance to achieve reaching international objectives with a multi-dimensional, constructive and reasonable approach and the consciousness of responsibility.

I would like to give you some figures about our trade with the region:

In 2013, our country took the 7thplace in the export of PACA Region while it wasstated as the 12th country in its import.

In the last 12 months, the general export of PACA Region was determined as 21,748 Euros, and its general import 36 400 Million Euros.

PACA’s export to Turkey has reached 836 Million Euros while its import amounted to 1,115 million Euros in 2013.

As a resource to these figures, in terms of export from PACA to Turkey; iron and steel, automotive products, electronics and chemical products as well as industrial wastes come in the first row. On the other side, automotive products, fruits, vegetables, construction materials and textile products are the imports of PACA from Turkey.

The importance of transportation, trade and establishing direct lines are indisputable for the foundation and development of economic and commercial relations. Ports, which support trade, transport and tourism propose important opportunities for the economic development of
the city and the region.

Portsare increasingly important indicators to determine the level of economic development of a country. Port number and capacity stand out as one of the criteria’s of national strength and competitiveness capacity of a country.

Mersin International Port, whose representatives have honoured our conference today, is the largest port in Turkey. Mersin has an important contribution to
the Turkish economy. With its geographic location and capacity as well as domestic and international sea lines, Mersin International Port, Turkey’s largest foreign trade port, is not only considered as the most important of Turkey but also one of the major ports of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The container volume in the Port, in 2013 has increased by 9% and reached 1,38 million TEU and the port's container capacity has increased to

A part from being a great source of income and employment, ports are like gateways opening to the world.Developing trade between our country and the PACA and increasing the importance of the region in means of trade volume is our utmost desire.

Today, the average travel time between the Ports of Mersin and Marseillesis explained as 7 days in import, and 12 days in export.

An import and export flow of more than 12 million Euros has been experienced between the two countries every year since 2012.

The role of the major ports of Marseilles, Toulon and Sète cannot be ignored in the Mediterranean economy and maritime transport between Turkey and France where our Consulate General is responsible from 13 departments in the region.

İzmir Port, as Turkey's second largest port after Mersin, ranks first in the import of Turkey. On the other hand, Istanbul Port, ranks as the first port in the export.

Historically, Port of Marseille- Fos has the distinction of being the first port of France. In addition, it ranks first in France and the Mediterranean in oil transportation, and is the third busiest port in the world in this area.

I wish, very sincerely, the improvement and continuation of the existing relations and birth of new partnerships, as well as development of maritime tradebetween France and Turkey.

I believe that Turkey and France, two countries of the Mediterranean basin, will both contribute to the development of our trade relations with existing and new trade lines and consecutively the fusion will be reflected positively on the two countries' relations.

Before concluding my words, I present my thanks to everyone who contributed to the realization of this meeting as well as to all the participants.


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